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101 At Marwood Grange, B.Castle up to marriage. ATKINSON, George (I4211)
102 Bachelor & grocer's assistant at time of marriage, age 26. BAYLES, John George (I4218)
103 Baptism sponsors: Elizabeth (mom?) Hodgson, James & Margt Garonsway. HODGSON, Caroline (I2873)
104 Baptism sponsors: GARBUTT and LAVINA. HODGSON, Mary Elizabeth (I4399)
105 betreft 2 morgen land te Oegstgeest naast Poelgeest VAN TETHRODE, Sijmon Thonisz (I3857)
106 Betschart, Heidi, Nita Wager & Eda Mae Betschart. The Kaiser Family: 1840-1994. : , 1994.

Book on Anton Maria Kaiser (1840) descendants given out at Kaiser Family Reunion held in 1994.
Source (S1)
107 Big Sandy Cemetary KERKVLIET, Bernard Cornelius (I1429)
108 Bij deze doop wordt als vader genoemd Arnoldi Pieterse van Egmond
VAN EGMOND, Laurentius Adrianusz (I3583)
109 Bij doop van zijn zonen Laurentius en Hermannus wordt hij als Arnoldi Pieterse aangeduid! VAN EGMOND, Adrianus Pietersz (I3291)
110 Birth info on Prospect Cem notes. Blood infection, aged 41. DUNHAM, William George (I2866)
111 birthdate 6 Mar source? CR-int. aged 61 heart disease. SHUTER, Isabella (I2925)
112 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. HODGSON, John Barry Leslie (I4389)
113 born 1694/5. HODGSON, El (I2876)
114 born 1698/9. HODGSON, Jane (I2889)
115 born 1700/1. HODGSON, Joyce (I2891)
116 born 1710/11. HODGSON, Anne (I2871)
117 born 23 or 28? Oct 1893 APPLETON, William (Charlie) (I4206)
118 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. BLUE, Paula Irene (I4234)
119 Bronchtis, pneumonia, heart attack. Ross adopted 4 children, not Dora? SMART, Kathleen (Kay) Edith (I4520)
120 Calvary Catholic Cemetery KERKVLIET, Cornelia Mary (I1450)
121 Car Accident. DUBBELDE, Cornelia G. (I1222)
122 Cemetery records show name as Bernice Margaret DUNHAM. DUNHAM, Grace Margaret (I4268)
123 Cen 51: 22, unm mother Marg. m.i.w. father pro.18670530. HODGSON, Ralph (I4407)
124 Cerenity Senior Care Marian KERKVLIET, Richard Cornelius (I1588)
125 Check birth date KIRKNESS, _____ (I4455)
126 Check death 26 Jan? 1936 or 1937? Copy of family photo from Pat? Married by the Rev.Jeffrey. APPLETON, Edward (I4195)
127 Check marriage 6 or 16 Feb? BRITNELL, Victoria (I4238)
128 Check: Anthony HODGSON m.Margery LAW, Hamsterley DUR (see CA1973). WRIGHT, Alice (I4549)
129 CHR: RELI Ger VAN EGMOND, Jacob Cornelisz (I3510)
130 CHR: RELI NH VAN DER VOSSE, Bernardus (I3262)
131 CHR: RELI NH, Hooglandsche Kerk VAN EGMOND, Neeltgen Dircksdr (I3690)

(Medical):She was in her usual good health until Tuesday morning when she fainted while attending eight o'clock mass at Holy Name Church. She never regained consciousness and death was due to apoplexy. 
VAN EGMOND, Cornelia (I2117)
CONC elia de Groot 
VAN EGMOND, Petrus Jansz (I3725)
CONC unis 
VAN EGMOND, Cornelia Jansdr (I3378)
135 CHR: RELI RK WIERING, Cornelia Gerdina (I3892)
136 CHR: RELI RK VISSER, Ruurdericus Januarius (I3885)
137 CHR: RELI RK VIJVERBERG, Adrianus (I3881)
138 CHR: RELI RK VERMEIJ, Hermanus Theodorus (I3879)
139 CHR: RELI RK VERBRUGGEN, Maria (I3875)
140 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. VAN WIERINGEN, Lyda (I3869)
141 CHR: RELI RK VAN STAVEREN, Johanna (I3853)
142 CHR: RELI RK VAN OOSTWAARD, Cornelia (I3836)
143 CHR: RELI RK VAN LEEUWEN, Wilhelmina (I3827)
144 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. VAN EGMOND, Yvonne Adriana Wihelmina (I3813)
145 CHR: RELI RK VAN EGMOND, Wilhelmus Adrianusdr (I3806)
146 CHR: RELI RK VAN EGMOND, Wilhelmina Henrica Maria (I3801)
147 CHR: RELI RK VAN EGMOND, Wilhelmina (I3798)
148 CHR: RELI RK VAN EGMOND, Wilhelmina (I3797)
149 CHR: RELI RK VAN EGMOND, Wilhelmina (I3796)
150 CHR: RELI RK VAN EGMOND, Thomas Jacobus (I3783)

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